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Fic/ Other Half-Truths

Title: Other Half-Truths
Rating/Warnings: NC-17... It's not incest so much as soulcest but...
Characters/Pairings: Tommy and Billy, with mentions of Teddy and the Kaplans. one-sided Tommy/Billy, mentioned Teddy/Billy, Tommy/Kate/Eli.
Summary: Tommy has some "feelings" about Billy. His right hand gets a lot of exercise.
Notes: Written for Julie.. Because she and a few others on her stream wanted an alternate ending to this.  I couldn't resist. *fully prepared to burn for this*

No one talked about the fight that night.Collapse )

Fic/ Asymmetrial Symmerty

Title: Asymmetrical Symmetry
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for cursing and tad bit of violence
Characters/Pairings: Billy, Tommy, Teddy. Teddy/Billy, of course.
Summary: Billy will never understand Tommy. For Tommy, the feeling is mutual. Even so, he can't help but for over his twin. Again, entirely mutual on Tommy's part...
Notes: Fic for kaciart again based on this picture, because I am forever inspired by her. And because she is honestly one of the sweetest people I have had the pleasure of getting to know.

“Hello, accelerated healing?” “Hello, you can still get an infection?”Collapse )

Fic/ House of M: Rebirth

Title: House of M: Rebirth
Rating/Warnings: PG for now. Will rise later for violence, disturbing content, sexual content
Characters: Billy, Tommy, Magneto (mentions of others). Eventual Billy/Teddy and other surprise pairings
Summary: This was always meant to be. They were meant to find each other, meant to grow together, Meant to love one another so deeply it would shake the foundations of the world they knew. They just didn’t believe that like all great love stories, their, too, would end in tears.
Notes: I have been planning a House of M AU for Billy and Tommy for a while now. There was a prequel of sorts here but this one has more characters in it and it’s… longer. Possibly on of the longest Fics I’ve planned in a long time. And addresses the real reason why Wanda isn’t herself at times. (My headcanons are long.) As usual, I would love to see constructive criticism. If it need some, by all means let me know! This is a fix I want to do my absolute best on. I hope you guys enjoy it!!!

"You wished to see us, Grandfather?"Collapse )

X-Men Animated Series and Evolution.

 I've finished the 90s cartoon and moved onto Evolution.  Feelings.  I have many of them.  Mostly good!  But that is for when I am less sleep deprived.

Everything is X-Men, and nothing hurts.

Avatar: Legend of Kora trailer is out!!!!!!

 IT LOOKS SO GOOD, OMG *__________*
Title: The First Twin's Perspective
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, violence, disturbing content, House of M AU
Characters: Billy, Tommy, Wanda, Pietro, Magneto
Summary: Being a prince in the house of Magnus isn't all glamor and glory. Tommy knows this better than anyone.
Notes: I have been planning a House of M AU for Billy and Tommy for a while now. Theres another story hopefully on the way from Billy's POV and it's... longer. And addresses the real reason why Wanda isn't herself at times. (My headcanons are long.)

Anyway, constructive criticism is welcomed, as always.

Thomas Magnus is everything his brother is not.Collapse )
Title: Potter Holics
Rating/Warnings: PG for PDA, fluff
Parings/Characters: Billy/Teddy, Jonas/Cassie, Eli/Kate, Tommy
Summary: It's usually only Billy, Teddy, and Eli geeking out over movies. This time, it's the whole team.
Notes: I wanted to write this fic even before I saw the movie last night.I came home and found this on tumblr and just had to write something with it.

"OMG can we just go already?!"Collapse )
Title: Civic Duties
Rating/Warnings: PG for slight cursing, gross things that babies do, cross-over with Marvel comics
Characters/Pairing: Tim/Kon, Billy Kaplan, Teddy Altman
Summary: Magic is a pain, especially when it goes wrong. But children can be cute... sometimes.
Notes: Based on kaciart's drawing.

"Who was busy watching teens-turned-toddlers while you were doodling in study hall today?"Collapse )
Title: The Sitters
Rating/Warnings: PG for slight cursing, cross-over with DC comics, fluf
Parings/Characters: Billy/Teddy, Tim Drake, Conner Kent
Summary: Billy never listens. Teddy is a pushover. Kon is a trouble maker. Tim is watching you... Also, there are cute things.
Notes: I blame kaciart for this entirely.

"He was being cute."Collapse )


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